Provide education and resources for college planning professionals, students and families.

What We Do

One of the goals of the National College Advocacy Group (NCAG) is to inform students, families, and advisors about college topics impacting their college decisions. We focus on: 
  • Providing families with the knowledge to be able to find the best path to allow their children to attend college
  • Providing professional college advisors with the knowledge to best serve those families that come to them for service
  • Advocating for families and advisors with the United States government to improve the accessibility of college for families.
If you have a college bound student in your family, please consider using the NCAG as a resource to help you accomplish getting into the right school and paying for it:
  • The College Domino Track is designed to inform you step by step of what needs to be done to prepare your college bound student to get into college. 
  • We are constantly creating information and updating our resources with content designed to help. We include links to those sites with content we have reviewed and found to be valuable. We can save you a lot of searching to find the right information to help you get your student into college.
  • In the near future we will conduct online live webinars designed to inform you about college entrance and finances. These webinars will be free and you can participate from your home via the Internet.