What is the NCAG?

Our mission: Provide education and resources for college planning professionals, students and families.

The National College Advocacy Group (NCAG) is a non-profit networking/ educational resource organization dedicated to providing training and education to financial planners and college admissions advisors regarding the ins and outs of college financial planning and admissions. The NCAG is unique due to its membership of college financial and college educational advisors. The blend allows both sides to run with their strengths and learn more in the areas they desire to know a little more about for the sake of their college bound student/family.

The NCAG is different in its approach to providing education through online live webinars with subject matter experts. These webinars are then recorded and available to all NCAG members. In addition we rely upon those same experts and our members to write articles on various subject which have to do with college financing and admissions. In addition our web site provides families with the knowledge to be able to find the best path to allow their children to attend college and the NCAG advocates for families and advisors with the United States government to improve the accessibility of college for families.